How much will ceiling drape and lighting cost?

Because my work is custom designed for each event, I do not have a flat rate to quote you.  If you want me to duplicate something I have already done, I can quote you an exact price on that.  Many people want something different, and I am delighted to create a design uniquely tailored for you.  Because I spend a great deal of time and care on each and every client, and will literally be there for you, you will find that my service is probably more expensive than that of many other companies.   Please consider whether you want to trust this important element of your decor to a company that will give you a "flat rate", and then send an employee who knows nothing about you or your event, out to do the job?  Would you rather know that it is being handled by a skilled, experienced and creative designer who considers every job an opportunity to expand her portfolio of unique designs?

How much should I budget for draping and lighting? 
In considering your total decorating budget for linens, floral, rentals and draping, think of what will have the biggest impact given the size and appearance of the space you are using.  In a space with high ceilings or plain, unattractive rooms, allot more of your budget to ceiling draping and lighting for greater impact.  Even expensive floral designs won't make that ugly ceiling go away!  Many of my basic ceiling drape jobs are in the $1,000 to $1,500 range.  Draping and lighting combined will run at least $1,250.   

What kinds of payment do you accept?

I will take personal checks, cashier's checks and money orders made out to Elizabeth Giles.  I will also accept credit cards or bank debits through Paypal Payments.  If you would like to pay through Paypal, send me an email with your Paypal email address, and the amount you would like to be billed.  I will then send you a request for payment, for that amount.  You do not need to set up a Paypal account to pay this way.  If you do not have a Paypal account, just follow the instructions in the email you receive.  It is completely secure, they never send your financial information.

What is the payment schedule?

I require a deposit to reserve your date on my calendar.  Deposit rates are percentage of the total package. This deposit is non-refundable, as I will not be accepting any other jobs on your event date unless there is no possibility of a conflict.  Your date is not guaranteed until I have received your deposit. Fifty percent of the balance will be expected 30 calendar days before your event, and the final balance will be due on or before the date of your event.  Any failure to make payments on time or communicate with me about payments shall constitute a breach of your contract.

What if our event date needs to be changed for some reason?

In the event of a verifiable unforeseen circumstance which requires moving your event date or venue, I will certainly try to accommodate your event, if at all possible.  In the event that I am not able to perform the work on the new date or at a different venue, deposits will not be refunded.

What if we decide to cancel our event?

Any deposits and payments you have made will be forfeited.

What if you are unable to perform the work, due to injury or other reasons?

In the event that something should happen to me which precludes me from performing the work for which I am  contracted, I will make every effort to find you a suitable alternative.  All deposits and payments will be refunded in full.  PRIVACY: Q:  How does Dynamic Drape use my personal information? A:  We never share your personal information, email address, photos etc., without your consent.  If we take photos during your event, or we are able to obtain photos from your photographer, we will ask your permission before using them in our online and print formats.  Any photos of your event site, taken before or after the actual event takes place, shall be used without permission.  We only use clients' first names on our website.  We appreciate your feedback, and like to post our clients' comments, but we will respect your request to not have it published, if you prefer.

Do you travel? 

I will be happy to travel for drape and lighting jobs, anywhere in the contiguous United States.  My rates will include a per diem for myself and my assistant, plus all expenses for traveling, lodging, shipping or obtaining supplies, and equipment rental.  Outside of the metropolitan area, but within 200 miles radius from Minneapolis, Minnesota you may expect a minimum bid of $1,750.  A site survey, if necessary, or in-person consultation at your site will be a minimum of $250.00 anywhere outside the seven county metro area.   
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