To compliment your ceiling draping, we offer many options to customize your decor with a sophisticated flair.  Use them for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate event or any celebration for which you want to add the special touches that will make the event more memorable and photogenic.  The little extras can really enhance the atmosphere of your party! 

BACKDROPS:    Using the same fabric as your ceiling drape, or even a specialty fabric in a complementary color to match or enhance your colors, we can create backdrops for all of the areas you would like to highlight.  Occasionally there is a feature that you might want to mask with a backdrop.  Windows or mirrors behind your head table will reflect glare from flash photos.  A backdrop also gives a nice cohesive feel with your ceiling decor.  Up-lighting on the backdrop gives a dramatic feel to it as well.  Consider the areas in your event site, and what you want to highlight, and perhaps what you might want to hide.

PAPER LANTERNS AND LIGHTING ACCENTS:   A nice way to add a little more zing to your ceiling drape, or use them together with lighting for a really festive atmosphere.  Add them over the dance floor, or perhaps the entrance.  Paper lanterns come in many shapes and colors, and can be lit from within or by using lighting fixtures aimed at them with custom colored gels.  You may want to do lanterns and lighting instead of ceiling drape.  

HAND PINNED SKIRTING:   A nice way to add a dash of color and style to your head table, cake table, place card table, buffets, and even your band stage.  Integrate your chosen color scheme throughout your event space.  Hand-pinned skirting can be done in many types of fabrics and styles to suit your theme.  From simple tailored pleats to ruched swags with rosette accents, or mod stretched geometric shapes, we can find a look that plays well with your theme. 

THEME-ENHANCING DESIGNS:   We can construct and drape some simple structures to enhance your theme.  We can build Mandaps and Huppahs  for your florist to decorate.  These can be built at your ceremony site and moved to your reception site.  We can also design themed pieces like a "tunnel of love" entrance or a "kissing booth" at the head table, using simple structures and fabrics.
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