Q;  What can a beautifully designed ceiling drape job do for your event?

BENEFITS OF CEILING DRAPING -  Obviously it will add glamour and elegance to your venue, but that's not all.  A good draping design will positively transform the atmosphere of your site and enhance your theme.  It can help mask unsightly elements like poorly maintained ceilings and unfortunate ceiling fixtures.  It can help eliminate acoustic noise in rooms with a lot of hard surfaces like marble and glass.  In rooms with very high ceilings, it creates a more warm and intimate atmosphere, bringing the perceived ceiling height down to a more comfortable scale.  In spaces that are naturally beautiful, we can use the draping to play up the strong features of the room.

Q:  What is involved in the design process?

THE ONLINE CONSULTATION -  The first and most important step is finding out what you would like.  My online Consultation Form is a first step in figuring out how I can help you with your event design.  Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible so I can get a better sense of what you are looking for.  I will email you after I have had a chance to review your event details, and then we proceed to:

THE PERSONAL CONSULTATION -  It is up to you to decide if we need to meet in person or not.  Some clients see a design I have already done, and simply want the same thing.  Others would like to meet and discuss a personalized design at the facility itself.  I will accommodate you either way.

CALCULATING THE JOB -   Since my work involves custom design and various options, I may have to do some research and sourcing before I can give you a price.  If there is any equipment rental involved, for instance, I will have to check with my sources to make sure the equipment is available on the dates I need it.  If I have never worked in your venue I will need to speak to catering sales and/or engineering personnel there.  Providing me with your site contact's phone number is very important for this reason.

THE PROPOSAL -   Once I have all the information I need, I will send you a preliminary proposal with some possible options for you to consider.  Look over the proposal with everyone involved in your decor decisions and then let me know what you have decided.  I will appreciate your prompt decision, whether you choose to hire me or not.

THE CONTRACT -  After we have come to an agreement, I will draft an invoice for you to sign and mail to me with your deposit payment.  I require a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 to hold your date.  This deposit, and any other payments, will only be refunded in the event that some drastic circumstances preclude me from performing the work.  The balance of your invoice will be broken into two payments due as follows: 50% of the balance at 30 days before your event, the remaining balance due on the date of your event. 

Q:  What sort of material is used in the ceiling draping?

FABRICS WE USE:  Our most popular fabric is 118" wide white Voile drapery sheer.  This fabric is the standard for quality ceiling draping.  It is flameproof rated, durable and versatile enough to create many different styles of drape design.  We can also incorporate other types of fabrics as accents, or do your entire design with a custom color fabric.  Bridal satin makes a rich counterpoint to the sheer Voile, and can be brought into your backdrops and skirting options as well.  Another interesting option is stretched spandex shapes for a very sleek modern design.  These make great projection surfaces as well.

WHY WE NEVER, EVER USE TULLE:  Tulle, or netting is cheap, tacky, flimsy and narrow.  It lacks the weight to make decent swags, and has no substantial quality. 

Q:  What are some of the possible draping design styles?

SWAGGED DRAPE STYLE: Deep rich swags, elegantly gathered, soften and add a luxurious feel to almost any event space.  Whether accented with glowing starlight points of twinkle lights or a custom-colored lighting design, this is the style most often seen in ceiling draping.  We are only limited in our design by the attachment points available.  Whether in a radiant pattern from the center of the room or a more complicated design based on your room's layout, we will create a lovely atmosphere for your party.

FLAT DRAPE STYLE: Created by spreading the fabric out horizontally, lengthwise or widthwise in the room making more of a canopy effect.  Most effective at hiding an unattractive ceiling, and a great surface on which to project colored lighting effects.

MODERN LINEAR DESIGNS: For a very sharp linear design, or to create a very dynamic space, we can drape voile in sleek linear fashion or stretch spandex shapes in a space. The design possibilities are limitless!

Ceiling Draping, Backdrops & Lighting for your Special Event!
Ceiling Draping, Backdrops & Lighting for your Special Event!
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