It is an unusual occupation, one that takes a lot of experience in a variety of venues. In 1995, I left my job as a hotel banquet manager to pursue a more creative career at an event decorating company.  Here I learned draping techniques and design tricks from some of the best drapers in the business.  I found ceiling draping to be a natural extension of my creative abilities.  I've been a visual artist and fashion designer most of my life, and transforming a room with draping is nearly instant creative gratification.  In a matter of hours I can take a plain, ordinary room and make it exciting and elegant.
Betsey Giles Draping a Ceiling ~ Mayo Civic Center
One of the questions I get asked most frequently is "How did you get into this?"
Dynamic Drape by Elizabeth Giles

As someone who has had a lifelong concern for our environment, I am always seeking ways to make the work we do as green as possible.  I source my fabrics and supplies as close to home as I can, and buy American-made products whenever I have a choice.   Almost everything I use on a drape or lighting job can be re-used many hundreds of times. I recover and re-use plastic lighting gels from theaters around town, that would have normally been tossed out because they have faded slightly. 
For custom-color lighting jobs I am now offering a low-wattage LED alternative.  LEDs use much less power, and generate very little heat so electricity is saved both in power required and air-conditioning to offset the heat produced by conventional fixtures.

I'd be delighted to help you have a green wedding or event!

I like working in unusual spaces, enjoy a challenge and would love to see what I can do for your event.

Let's talk and let's have some fun!

In addition to event draping, I do private home interior and exterior decor, including custom made furnishings. I'm also part of a team of designers who take on larger projects.  We recently made and stretched a new movie screen for the Parkway Theater, rather like stretching a gigantic canvas!  We also made new masking curtains for it, which can be adjusted to frame the various film formats.
Lighting design and new technology in the industry are my current areas of study.  My stage work exposes me to a wide variety of theatrical design, and has now given me the flexibility to have my own draping and lighting business. 
A few years ago, (and over 500 drape jobs later), I left the events company to focus on a new career as a stagehand.  I am a Journeyman member of IATSE Local 13 stagehand's union, working on everything from regional theater and Broadway plays to arena rock shows and corporate events.
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